5 Ways To Make the Most Out of Your Mentorship

A mentor is an incredible individual who can help you transform your career by bringing with them industry experience, insights and a strong network. But how does one effectively tap into all that their mentor has to give?

Ask your mentor for feedback

With a mentor, you have access to someone who is an expert in the industry and can provide valuable feedback on your work. Ask questions like: What do I need to learn more about? What challenges have I faced so far? How should I approach my next project/idea? Are there any resources or books that could help me further grow in general?

Learn how to make use of your mentor's network

You may not know it, but the people you meet in your mentor's network can be extremely valuable to your career and business. They're a great way to get access and insights into other industries, as well as find opportunities that are right for you.

Feel comfortable asking questions

Don't be shy about asking questions if you don't understand something, or if there's a better way of doing something that could save time and money. In fact, asking for advice can be one of the most beneficial ways to grow, especially as an entrepreneur!

Ask your mentor what they want to see more of

Mentors are helpful for learning what's new in the field, but you also want to know what they like and don't like about your work. After all, mentors can give you ideas for your own work—and sometimes these suggestions might be exactly what you need! 

Keep your mentor updated

It’s important to keep your mentor updated on the progress of their mentee. You can do this by setting up regular meetings, asking them what they need from you and how they can help you improve. A mentor has an incredible long-sighted perspective which might push you in the right direction!

This is why professionals like Pravin Chandan are sought after as mentors because they bring experience and a keen understanding of how to help you improve. Start your mentorship journey today!

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