7 Marketing techniques you need to master

‘You don’t build a business, you build people and then people build the business’ If we are to go by the words of famous American author, Zig Ziglar, any business needs the backing of the people. And to get this done, what you need is a clear marketing strategy. To get you a headstart, here are 7 tips to master your marketing techniques: 

The well-known FAB (features - advantages - benefits) technique should be the first on the list of the marketing and sales techniques to master in direct selling. The concept - comprising three consecutive steps that give a clear structure of sales talks - has several advantages. You need to start off by naming the features and attributes of your company or a particular product/range of products. Next, focus on their respective advantages and why one should invest in them. Lastly, list their benefits in detail and corroborate with examples on what’s in it for the potential customer.

What FAB does is address a very common mistake among direct selling professionals: the fact that at times they assume that the product’s features automatically translate to benefits for the customer. Instead, you need to be aware of your customer’s individual needs and explain, in detail, the benefits of the said product. Adopting this technique will make your product more comprehensible for your customers and give them a reason to buy it.

Brand yourself

Once you’re clear of your buyer’s mindset, it’s time to work on yourself. Get some clarity on your strengths and how you can set yourself apart from others. Start off by asking these questions and the answers will lead to creating your own brand: something potential customers will associate with you and come to you for: 

- What drives you in direct selling?

- Where do you draw inspiration from and what draws you to them?

- What are the first 3 words that you want people to associate with you?

- What do you want people to think when they read your content or view your product?

Get on social media 

The way we do business today has changed exponentially - not just because of the pandemic but due to the several online channels that have opened up to sectors across the board. This is the age of social media and you can’t ignore the fact that the top companies and clients are there. Having an online presence across platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter - is a given so start small, but start. Create one account at a time, post regularly and you will gradually build momentum and see results. The key is in staying authentic and being regular: post product details and related content that will not help bring in more clients but also expand your reach and help create an image in the field. This is an immensely powerful marketing tool that you need in your arsenal.

Attraction Marketing

In direct selling, the social setting plays a huge role in determining your success. What you need is to convince people who believe in the products and who are confident that they can trust your judgement. So, what you need to work on is building the power of attraction in your branding and social media presence. A few tips to get you started:

- Ensure your social media profiles are complete, optimised and consistent across all platforms

- Make it easy for potential clients to reach you so have your contact information on all channels - Use attractive and visually compelling imagery in your social media profiles and posts

Master the BYAF technique  

This is one tricky, yet important technique to master. To gain your customer’s confidence, the But-You-Are-Free concept works like this: once you are done with your sales, end it by reminding the customer of their freedom of choice. Experts say the technique is effective as it doesn’t compel a potential customer to buy the product but leaves them with the power to make a decision. And this power is what everyone likes and needs. When the customer is told that he/she can make the final call, a rare occurrence, this immediately gives you an edge.

Create a story

Storytelling is a powerful artform that can go a long way in building your career in direct selling. No one enjoys textbook sales pitches and template presentations, so go a step ahead and work on your product’s story. Bring in personal narratives, examples of earlier dealings and this is sure to strike a cord with your customers. Use your social media handles to amp this up.

Network like a pro

Like any new business or start-up, your networking game has to be top notch. Even if you have the best game plan and social media strategy, unless your networking skills are strong you will be left behind. It is a work in progress and it will take time to build a reliable and strong network, but it is doable. Speak - in person or virtually - to family, friends and colleagues, do things outside your comfort zone, attend events and build contacts, etc. All these measures will help you in growing your network.

So lead your marketing arsenal with these seven tips that are sure to build that successful career in direct selling you’ve always dreamed of. 

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