Role of Digital Marketing for Effective Business Growth

With every aspect of our daily lives having gone digital - from shopping to virtual meetings - why should our businesses be any different? With companies across verticals adapting to the digital era and ever-evolving modern technologies, the way they do business and market it has significantly changed over the last decade or so. And it’s not just the big companies, small and medium businesses are also doing everything they can to keep up by taking the online route.

For example, small neighbourhood brick-and-mortar stores and businesses are either changing their business models and making a 100% online switch or are balancing both at the same time. Regardless, everyone big and small is a part of the online game. 

Today, it is the process of attracting targeted audiences online that defines a successful and thriving business from a failed one. It doesn’t matter if your website or social media account receives thousands of viewers or followers unless it actually leads to sales. And for this to happen you need the right digital marketing strategies in place. Here are six steps to show you how to get it done and the linked benefits:

1. Get a wider reach and aim for geographical expansion: We all know that if one has to expand their business and include new locations using traditional marketing strategies, it will be an endless and exhausting task. Instead, companies need to learn about and adopt digital tools. The benefits of a virtual marketing campaign is that they can be set up easily, they don’t take long, they are extremely flexible and you can target your kind of audience without any unnecessary trouble. 

2. Digital Marketing levels the online playing field: If you think that these strategies are only for the likes of multinationals and large corporations that have large funding and significant resources, you may want to think again. In fact, digital Marketing levels the playing field and opens up the market for small and medium enterprises. It gives them the necessary exposure and also a chance to compete against larger firms.This stands true for direct selling too and companies, now matter how big or small, now have the resources to perform sales and marketing processes that were previously available only to large corporations.

3. Better and enhanced revenues: Experts say that an effective digital marketing plan is one that leads to high conversion rates and new clients - factors that eventually helps the business to earn higher revenues. The right plans help rake in more revenue when compared to traditional marketing channels. According to Google, companies that have incorporated digital marketing plans, have 2.8 times higher revenue growth expectancy ( Companies using digital marketing, have a much greater probability of increasing their workforce and business.

4. It facilitates interactions with your target audiences: One of the primary reasons why marketing via online channels is leapfrogging over traditional ones is the ability of Internet marketing tools to interact with targeted audiences in real time. It is a given that engagement in any form is what customers, especially in direct selling, expect when they are interacting with any brand or business. So find tools that engage with all age groups, especially the tech-savvy generation of today. By having such interactions, you will get an insight into what your targeted audiences want and this  vital information will help you draft that perfect digital marketing strategy.

5. Economic efficiency: No matter how old school one might be, it is a proven fact that digital marketing is extremely economical - a factor that makes it the perfect marketing tool for start-ups, direct selling businesses as well as homegrown brands. When compared to offline marketing channels and events, digital marketing is way cheaper and often yields better results. So, given the right set of tools and a great team, you can easily achieve even the most ambitious business goals. Having said that, be wary of how and when you put these strategies to use. Time it will and budget it accordingly.

6. Digital marketing ensures your business survives online: While it is normal for brick-and-mortar businesses to have walkins almost everyday, very few of these visits translate to actual sales. It is the same with an online store. You may have many site visits and people may add items to cart as well, but only a few translate to a purchase. It is these buyers that you need to focus on and it can be done with the right digital marketing toolkit. As stated on, this helps you utilize proven strategies and techniques that attract not necessarily more traffic – but highly targeted traffic that delivers results. Targeting the right kind of people that delivers the right kind of results is what digital marketing is all about – ensuring survival for your business.

So look into these six tried and tested methods that prove how and why digital marketing is effective for business growth.

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